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The Secret of Lifestyle Management


The service industry is very demanding and one of the primary secrets of our work is to find the right synergies with the right people, all over the world. Lifestyle management is probably the epitome of the luxury industry. It is a very demanding and highly discreet service that only the 0.01% of the population will make use of.

what does lifestyle management entail? Why does it get compared to a concierge at a hotel? These two jobs might appear similar but are very different if you look closely. Why are these jobs so comparable? Let's have a look together!

We want to shed some light on the matter and give you some insight in our line of work. Lifestyle management is a very vast field because it covers almost all areas of the client's life.

What does a lifestyle manager do?

We are the invisible "little helpers" who makes your life easier!

Maybe we have been the chef who cooked your favorite dish.

We may also be the driver who takes you to the airport.

What else? We are the security guard who protects your family, we also are the travel agent who gets you where you need to go.

There is more! We are the jeweller who gets you that new watch, We can be the estate agent who finds you a perfect house.

Still more, we are the art dealer who finds the rare piece. 

We are the car dealer who gets you the latest supercar, and can be so much more for you.

As a real lifestyle manager, Veltracon Lifestyle is your one-stop-shop to take care of all your needs and let you focus on what is important for him (or her) and we take care of everything else. We help our clients enjoy the freedom they deserve!

Firstly, a good concierge will be on call at certain time, taking care of normal tasks like booking a table or getting the dry cleaning picked up. The concierge's key to success is generally linked to knowing who to call. The concierge has a very important job but it is very different from ours. The concierge, much like an assistant, is usually the client's first call. We love working with concierges around the world! Our team always work hand in hand to make sure the client is happy.

However, this is where it get interesting!

The lifestyle manager is always on call. We work 24/7 for our clients and are ready to serve in all areas of expertise. We need to be on call all the time and ready when needed. You want that new limited edition car? We get it for you. Have you been wanting to attend that show that has been sold out for months? We make sure you sit in the front row. Veltracon has counterparts all over the world to get things done for our clients. The more demanding the client, the more international the lifestyle will be. You as the client can always count on us to get things done for you.

The fundamental difference between these two jobs is this: The concierge normally needs only one layer of relationships to satisfy his or her client. This stems from the fact that he or she will not be tasked with complex challenges. It is the concierge's job to find someone who can tackle the challenge.

Lifestyle Manager = Solution Finder

That said, we are the ones who solve real life problems for our clients. Veltracon Lifestyle is your partner, who operates in the background. We take charge so that your life runs smoothly, making sure that you don't forget your anniversary, that you have a gift and that a suitable event is planned to celebrate. It is our objective to make you shine and to let you be the star of your own life. We work for you, so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

You could probably make the following visual comparison. The concierge is the nimble sport fishing boat, or the dingy on the yacht. However, the as the lifestyle manager, we are the cruise ship or the supply boat. Why the cruise ship? Because you'll find everything on board to have a really great time!

Consequently however, you need both types of service providers to have a good life but you cannot have a really great life without the supply boat. Needless to say, nine times out of ten it is the concierge who calls the lifestyle manager to solve a problem. We team are the ones who get things done for you behind the scenes. Veltracon Lifestyle is the ace up your sleeve.

"Love what you do" is our credo!

That said, there are countless examples that we could enumerate to showcase our work. If you follow this blog you'll certainly get a lot of insight in our world and we are happy to share all of these aspects with you. Lifestyle management is a fun business that lets us live vicariously through our clients. As a team, our sole purpose is to make our clients happy and the hit every mark.

We enjoy what we do and we are at your disposal to put our skills and relationships to work. We also offer concierge solutions for corporate clients who want to make such a service available to their own clients.

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