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Spotlight with CVSTOS


In the universe of Swiss Elite Haute Horlogerie,
in other terms the highest art form of watchmaking, there is a clear hierarchy of exclusivity. 

At the very top of this hierarchy you will find the most complicated watches. We are talking about mechanisms like the “Tourbillon” or “Double Tourbillon”. One of the most complicated watches of our time the the CVSTOS Double Tourbillon Differentiel S. It is the mariage of two flying Tourbillons mechanisms with an equalising differential.


CVSTOS Sealiner Double Differential Tourbillon S


A new partnership on the horizon


Our very own Gabriele Rossicarri is passionate about exclusive watches. Recently, he was invited to become Brand Ambassador for Geneva based watchmaker CVSTOS. This ambassadorship allows him to provide unrivalled access to the brand. Gabriele is your private liaison for all types of requests at CVSTOS. 


Gabriele Rosssicarri
On the left: Gabriele Rossicarri, Partner at Veltracon Lifestyle & Ambassador of CVSTOS. 
On the right: Antonio Terranova, head designer and co-founder of CVSTOS.


Veltracon and Gabriele in particular are also able to offer our clients limited editions. We can offer unique pieces, custom editions and above all, privileged conditions thanks to Veltracon

Gabriele said: “A watch has to reflect the identity and the personality of the bearer. In my opinion, CVSTOS is a brand that listens to its clients and allows them to express their passion.” 

Express your uniqueness through your CVSTOS watch

That said, you can order custom pieces to your liking and even participate in the design process to some extent. These watches will then become 1 of 1 timepieces. They will only exist once and that is on your wrist.

Together with the head designer and co-founder, Mr. Antonio Terranova, we are able to create custom timepieces for our clients. This can be inspired by your passion, hobbies or anything that makes you want to replicate its spirit onto your wrist. CVSTOS is able to integrate all kinds of precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds. 

Terranova is a forward-thinking watchmaker with bold ideas and the experience to back them up. He is always ready to listen to the wishes of his clients. 

Custom Designs for You

Veltracon stands for the highest of luxury in all its forms, and we're always on the lookout for excellence. One of the brands that has been coming up through the ranks is CVSTOS.

Gabriele has a privileged relationship with the two founders, Mr. Antonio Terranova and Mr. Sassoun Sirmakes who have personally invited him to the headquarters of the brand to partner up. 

Thanks to our special standing with the brand, we’re able to invite clients to visit the manufacture in Geneva. We can look over the shoulders of the watchmakers and give our clients a family-like welcome in the intimate setting of the stunning showroom.

Do you know any other Swiss luxury watch brand that will create custom pieces just for you?

As a watch collector, do you already own a CVSTOS timepiece?

Contact us for any requests!

We are at your disposal for all things luxury! Veltracon Lifestyle, Gabriele in particular, will manage all your wishes related to CVSTOS.


Reach out to Gabriele Rossicarri
Tel: +41 75 429 85 97

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