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This weekend, the Geneva International Motorshow or GIMS has closed its doors after 10 days of excitement. It has been another incredible year for car fans with incredible new models from our favourite carmakers!

We attended the show at several occasions. First we were invited to glance behind the scenes. We were also at the show during the preview days and then again during the public days. During the public days we went to the show with a number of VIP clients. We made sure that they could access all the right stands and see all the cars. After all, the most important thing for us is to help clients get the vehicles they want.

At the Geneva car show it is important to have the right access because all the displays are closed off. You can’t walk up to the cars and get a closer look. We have the good future to have friends at Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Porsche and a few more. 

Wind of Change?

This year you could already feel the wind of change. Things are happening in the automotive industry and that’s most liked to the future. Next year the car show will no longer be just that. Rumor has it that it is going to be call the International Mobility Show. We also heard that it will soon be held for five days instead of ten. Is the concept of a car show a fading one? 

You can clearly see a trend based on declining attendance. Over the last 7-8 years, the Geneva Car Show has lost roughly 100’000 visitors in a steady decline.

Carmakers are now using other ways to present their novelties. They are looking for more direct ways to interact with consumers. Take Elon Musk and his Teslas, he launches cars like Steve Jobs preciously launched new Apple products. Another example was the launch of the Porsche GT2RS in 2017 during the reveal of Forza Motorsport 5, a game for Microsoft Xbox.

Other venues are becoming appealing for manufacturers. It is easier and at times more interesting to launch a product in a smaller setting like the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The Highlights

There are mainstream highlights and then there are those that are interesting to collectors and aficionados. One of the cars that clearly stood out was the Pininfarina Battista. This beauty looks like the lovechild of a Ferrari 488 and a McLaren 720s and is powered by an all electric engine that puts out more than 1800 bhp. Is that what the future looks like? If so, then we love it!

Another stunning specimen is the Bugatti Voiture Noire, a name that simply means Black Car. It is a hypercar that seeks its equal not only in its performance and uniqueness but also in terms of price. It is said to cost EUR 11 million (plus options and VAT).

In terms of cars that are more accessible and that you will be seeing on the road in the near future, we really enjoyed the new Porsche 911. The new 992 series maintains its heritage but evolves nicely through subtle changes. It is wider and longer and the wheels are bigger.

We also enjoyed the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, this car is definitely a wink at the F40, a tribute to an icon car from the 1990s with the performance that knows very few rivals.

There were a great many cars we could talk about but we couldn’t fit it all in one blog.

Our team also loved the unbelievable cars that created by the finest tuning companies. Our clients responded with awe to the latest audacities of Brabus, Mansory and their peers.

The Future

We’re keen to see what McLaren will present, when the project Grand Tourer is ready to be revealed. One thing is for sure: the car industry is very alive, making more progress than ever. There are hard fought battles for our attention as consumers and that drives performance to incredible new levels. Hello bravo new world…

The future holds the disappearance of the combustion engine, which is a real shame for car lovers and great news for the blue planet. If you want to get your fix of the incredible V8, V10 and V12 engines you have to do it now. All those masterpieces will soon disappear, replaced by rattling V6 or even 4-cylinder engines with whistling and rattling turbo chargers. After that we’ll be all electric, making the automotive experience somewhat 2-dimensional.

We at Veltracon love cars. That is a fact and will never change. We love them as much as our clients do. For that reason, we are happily at your side to help you find the car of your dreams at any time. Veltracon Lifestyle is here to help you get access to that limited edition you want for your collection. Our team can assist you in finding the most exciting cars on the planet. We can also help you find cars as investments (read more about that here). If you have any wishes, please contact us and let’s start a dialogue. We can assist you in Europe as well as in the United States.


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