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In today’s blog post we want to share our expert opinion on summer camps for kids and young adults. We’re talking about activity camps in Switzerland during the months of July and August. These camps can last anywhere from two week to two months.

We want to look at it from two perspectives. Firstly, it is important to inform and educate parents about important facts. Secondly, we want to share cool details with our younger readers. This is for those who are curious about a fun summer camp in the Swiss Alps. 

Why Switzerland?

The original appeal of Switzerland may well be its unique location in the heart of Europe. Pair this location with an excellent infrastructure, cleanliness and unrivalled public safety and you have a pretty impressive country. Then you sprinkle on top the incredible topography and nature, pristine mountains, forests, lakes and landscapes. Et voila, you have a unique place that seeks its equal around the world. 

Tourists and expats from around the world have been traveling and settling in Switzerland for the longest time. If you are not fazed by the elevated cost of living, then this is the place to be. 

Why Swiss Summer Camps? 

When it comes to summer camps, you will not find a better place than here. You can already bank on all the advantages described above and now we add centuries of experience in private education. Some of the world’s finest educators are located here. Some names on the list include Institute Monte Rosa, Le Rosey, Aiglon College or Les Elfes.

For youngster, coming to spend a few weeks at a summer camp in Switzerland is a cool opportunity. The experience will broaden their horizon! It certainly is a. cultural exchange between likeminded kids and teenagers from dozens of different countries around the world. 

What does a day at summer camp look like?

Students do some light learning in the morning, which keeps the mind sharp and adds knowledge. Oftentimes these are language courses but can also be something specific like math.

After lunch it is usually off to connect with nature in a fun way. This comes in the form of activities like swimming, biking, rafting, sailing, horseback riding or hiking. These are just some examples of what the kids do at the camps. The students also go to water parks, sight-seeing of Swiss monuments. They also have a chance to enjoy some summer music festivals that take place in July and August. One example is the famous Montreux Jazz Festival!

The warm summer nights are generally enjoyed on school grounds with good food and social activities.

Demand & Supply!

Swiss Summer Camps have been a “hot commodity” for the longest time and demand doesn’t seem to decrease. On the contrary, there is a finite number of spots available each year. Many parents want to send their children to Switzerland for a safe and educational adventure.

Some camps sell out a year in advance, others are full six months before the summer. With our help, there is always something that can be done even last minute.

Veltracon Lifestyle is here to help you pick the best camp for your kids. If you’re planning your own vacation, some “me time” or “parent time” this is your solution. If you want to be sure that your kids are also having an awesome time, then let us know. We will enrol them with you at a Swiss summer camp!

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