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Security Solutions & Support

“If you want to develop and fully concentrate on your business,there’s one very important thing to consider: The safety of yourself and your family.”

Our services include:
  • Extensive security solutions and support
  • Exclusive security concepts for private and
    corporate events
  • Personal protection
  • Individual property protection
    • Cyber security for your business and your
      private information
    • State-of-the-art surveillance systems with
      dedicated, 24/7 guards
    • Recruiting and vetting of staff
    • Private investigations and more…

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      Please contact us with any VIP request by phone or email, 24/7 and 365 days a year.

      Please send all your email requests (also in Russian, Arabic or Chinese) to

      G. Patrick Gruhn


      (German, English and French)

      Telephone : +41 79 708 77 11


      Tim Daum


      (German, English and French)

      Telephone : +49 160 93 888 300


      Official supplier of AMEX Centurion
      Member of Switzerland Tourism

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      Paris - Milan - Moscow - New York - Miami - Barcelona

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