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Skiing in the Alps


Skiing is one of the most popular hobbies and biggest winter sport of all times. No wonder then, that there are endless services for skiers! There is also a constant evolution to cater to those who enjoy skiing.

Whether it’s racing down the hill or skiing cross country, it goes without saying that the Alps have the most to offer to those who enjoy the snow and want to indulge in all other kinds of alpine pleasures. 

Traveling to the alps however is about so much more than just skiing. There is an array of destinations and each one has its own particular appeal. 

There are countless mountain villages that will accommodate skiers and welcome the touristic income. The most famous places however are: Zermatt, Gstaad, Crans Montana, Verbier, St. Moritz, Megeve, Courchevel and Kitzbühel. Each of these mountain villages has its own appeal and attracts a particular kind of crowd. For example Gstaad is a small town with a surprising number of five star hotels and a great infrastructure. This includes an airport that is big enough to land a mid-size jet.

Fun fact: The runways are frequently used in both summer and winter to host automotive training events.

These events instruct VIP clients in how to handle their cars, for example on ice and snow.

Verbier on the other hand is a little more low profile, there are less 5* hotels but more private chalets. It attracts a younger crowd and is certainly more hip or posh than Gstaad. You go to Verbier if you're really interested in skiing and social aspect is secondary to you.

Places like Sankt Moritz or Courchevel are also great for skiing but certainly have an important society factor. You want to be seen, you want to meet people and you don't just go there to ski. We have had numerous clients who asked us to arrange private chalets in places like Courchevel. They like it, despite the fact that they had no interest in skiing.

They wanted to go because it is one of the places to be in the winter months. A place where you can really meet interesting, like-minded people for business in a casual atmosphere.

An essential question to ask yourself is whether you want to spend your time in a five star hotel or in a luxury chalet.

The luxury chalet will most likely beat any experience that you’ve had in the past, but here’s the kicker. Depending on the size of your group, it is often even less expensive to have a chalet of your own. We recently had the example of a family wanting to spend a week in Gstaad.

The clients needed six bedrooms for family and friends, which would have equated to more than 20,000 euros per day. That was just for the rooms (and suites) in a five star hotel; meaning they would have spent 140,000 euros for the week just on the rooms.

We were able to provide them with a very luxurious and private chalet for just over 100,000 euros. That’s a handsome difference that they could spend on other comforts and entertainment or shopping during the trip. 

A chalet of this caliber comes complete with a butler, maid services and of course a private chef. A chef in private chalet will prepare two to three meals per day for you. 

Another upside of some of these chalets is that they are “ski in and ski out” which means that they are directly on the slopes and you don’t have to transport your skis to go skiing. You just put them on outside the door and off you go. Doesn’t that sound fun! We sure think so... 

This idea doesn’t only apply to the VIP side of traveling but also applies to budget travel. You can always find a good alternative on AirBnB and other specialized sites and save a fair amount of money. 

If we are to believe the gloomy environmental and meteorological outlook that accompanies global warming, we should spend as much time as we can enjoying the natural snow and the crisp winter weather of the Alps! 

We are there for you 24/7 to arrange an unforgettable time in the snow. Enjoy the slopes and the mountain life for a few days or even for several months. Anything is possible in Alps and Veltracon Lifestyle is here for you to make it happen.

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