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Dubai has been a city of great appeal for the last two decades. As skyscrapers shot out of the ground like sprouts, growth was crazy. There were plenty of business opportunities and investment was booming. During its impressive growth phase, Dubai did its best to attract the best and brightest. They did so to build a new city with a sustainable economy. An economy that would help the Emirate to look to the future. Get away from the dwindling income from natural resources and become the number one business hub in the Middle East.

Why Dubai?

There is so much that attracts travellers to go to Dubai, besides the obvious of abundant sun, sand and the warm sea. That said, Dubai is not your average summer destination. Rather, it is the place to be during the cold months of the year. When it's rainy and icy in the Northern Hemisphere, it's warm and toasty in the United Arab Emirates. Those who can afford it will flock to Dubai on the regular. The most popular time to travel to this bustling city is between October and April.

We recently went to Dubai to to accompany a client on his journey. It was a VIP request we received from the private banker. We were tasked to look after a gentleman who‘s mind is still willing. The only problem was his ailing and failing body. In short, he could no longer go on unassisted adventures. Needless to say, he was overjoyed to learn that there are services like ours.He was pleased that we could help him live his golden years to the fullest.

Travel for the elderly is a trend

We think that this phenomenon will become the norm over the coming years and decades as our population keeps ageing. As a matter of fact, we got the idea from a flight attendant about ten years ago. She was nearing the end of her career as a flight attendant. As a side gig she was offering this kind of service in her spare time. A little while later she quit being an attendant to become a full time travel companion. She offered this exclusively for the elderly, and that‘s a brilliant idea.

Traveling this way takes a bit of planning and has its very own logistical challenges. However, it is all more worthwhile offering this type of service, when you can experience genuine joy. When you see the delight in the eyes of your clients. When you hear it in their voice. Share the joy as they see, hear, feel and taste things. The things they thought they would not get a chance to any more.

That said, assisted traveling for elderly guests is something that can‘t be taken lightly. We recommend to pick your companion carefully, because you can be in for a nasty surprise when you try to do it on the cheap.

Now, back to the wonderful experiences of Dubai! 

Places to see

As mentioned earlier, assisted traveling takes a bit more planning that your average trip. Making sure your client has all the comforts in the shuttles at the airport. Determining which hotels are the best and closest to prime medical facilities. We planned one week in Dubai that was filled with sights and original flavours of the region. We also sprinkled on top, the marvels of the modern world.

The first day we showed our client the heart of the city. We went to the Dubai Mall right at the feet of the Burj Khalifa. This structure has been the world‘s tallest building for over ten years now. With it comes the world‘s highest observation deck called At The Top. This is an impressive place to visit for people of all ages. It is amazing because the sheer height and incredible views, just blow even the most cynical person‘s mind.

At the bottom of this incredible skyscraper you will find a small man-made lake. This body of water is the host of a musical water show that comes on after nightfall in regular intervals. This is also most definitely a spectacle to enjoy.

Traditional sights

Another really great experience is visiting the local souks. These are traditional Middle Eastern marketplaces where all kinds of goods change hands. The most oldest and most interesting are the markets for gold and spices. They are virtually a stone-throw from each other

One of the traditional activities in Dubai is riding on the Dhow boats in Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. These vessels are big enough to host an entire restaurant and all comforts. You will have an enjoyable journey on the water. You can eat in style, while gaining another perspective on the bustling city. The Arab culture is so rich. However it is also paired with the modern luxuries of our world. It offers a magnificent experience for any traveller.

This is particularly appealing for elderly guests as there is no walking or other physical activity involved, whilst discovering and enjoying the cityscapes. These short cruises are especially pleasant in the evening, accompanied with some local foods.

Beduin delight

To round off an exciting and eventful trip, we decided to take our client to spend an evening in the desert. As the saying goes "you've never seen the stars unless you've slept under them in the desert."

We got picked up by the dinner host from our hotel. Our party was shuttled in great comfort by the latest luxury SUVs and driven into the desert where we were greeted at magnificent tents in the most hospitable way with hot tea.

The evening unfolded with delicious local delicacies, some mystical belly dancing and sharing a shisha, the traditional Arab water pipe below the stars. The client was very pleased with the journey. He had experienced something amazing and the next day we flew back to Geneva, where the trip ended in heartfelt hugs and sincere promises to go on another adventure soon again.

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