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Art Basel is known worldwide as the most important art fair. Every year during the early days of summer, artists, galleries, collectors and art lovers find their way to the main event in Switzerland.

Those who are familiar with the art world also know that the fair has created sister fairs in Miami and Hong Kong.

Art Basel attracts nearly 100’000 visitors to Switzerland each year and will be celebrating its 50th birthday next year (2020).

Together with a few important clients, we attended this year’s Preview show. The preview is just that, an early look at the fair for a hand-picked number of guests. It takes places every year, a few days before the public opening of the fair. The Preview show is an exclusive look at the artwork without the madness of crowds. This offers the artists, collectors and galleries to best conditions to exchange amongst each other.

A gallery has to make important decisions when applying for a spot at Art Basel. The fee is nearly USD 100’000.- for a showcase. If you don’t sell any art for a multiple of that amount, you’re incurring a very painful expense. This is particularly challenging for younger talents who don’t have the support or platform like the established artists do. For the professionals, it is a calculated gamble each year. One gallery described it as being like Christmas; in the sense that you always have a beautiful tree but don’t know what presents you’ll find beneath.

The only thing that is certain, is change.

The way that artists express their creativity is ever changing. One trend that is most remarkable is the fact that the canvas is no longer the key medium of communication. There is so much art that is being created in different dimensions. Art is no longer static. In 2019, the world of art has four dimensions and artists are using them to the fullest, with great enthusiasm. One of those artists is our good friend Fabrice Ainaut.

Artist Tip: Fabrice Ainaut

Fabrice is a young French artist of the “art concret” movement. He pursued higher studies of art in the city of Tarbes, France. At the tender age of 16 he decided to leave to discover Africa. He lived for 5 years in Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso before returning to France. Upon his return, Fabrice settles near Paris to pursue his artistic career. He does so by integrating the workshop of the great artist Carmelo Arden Quin until 2010. Shortly after, he will integrate the workshop of Julio le Parc. Julio is great artist of the “Op art and kinetic art” movement. His latest shows was at the hip, new Viktoria’s Gallery in Bratislava, who is also one of his permanent representations.

If you’re visiting this year’s Art Basel, the make sure to stop by Stand E9 to see his works. We’re sure that Fabrice is an artist to keep an eye!

Art Basel is always worth the trip! We highly recommend visiting this year’s fair for all it has to offer. We believe that the organisers will strive to make next years anniversary show a remarkable event. Be sure to pencil that in to your calendar! Veltracon Lifestyle and its expert partners are always at your disposal to assist with any type of inquiry about art. Our team can help curate collections. We find, buy and sell pieces on our clients behalf and we enjoy working in the world of art. We love its endless creativity and countless unique personalities.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about our services in fine art.

Special thanks to our friends at Art Basel and BMW for inviting us this year.

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